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happy 9/11

2010-09-11 15:55:40 by Mechwarrior300

I have been banned from the BBS [ 23 ] times.

I am blocked from [ 13 ] people's inboxes.

My IP address is banned from [ 6 ] websites.

I have received [ 174 ] emails with nude pictures attached.

I have asked for [ 0 ] emails with nude pictures attached.

if you are here because i owe you something, ill have it soon

if you are here because i said something offensive, you are a baby

if you are here for sexually suggestive photos, they are all on my tumblr

if you are here to start a conversation, thats what pm's are for

if you are here to bitch about something, comment below so i can ban you from my page

if you are here because you love me, i love you too lets have babies together

if you are here because you hate me, im still having your baby and see you in court

if you are Blake, fuck you

if you are Blake and want to apologize, fuck me


now all my mechwarrior homies say yeah!


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2013-03-10 03:02:21



2013-03-10 11:26:02

sup prison mike

Mechwarrior300 responds:

stay away from me im a crazy person!!!


2013-03-10 13:25:44

i apologize

Mechwarrior300 responds:

i forgive you on the condition that i have your babies


2013-05-16 23:19:36


did I hurt your ears?

Mechwarrior300 responds:

Bro srsly


2013-05-26 10:20:33

I'm sorry, i thought you were a tough guuuy, a street cop who's been through the mill. I didn't think you'd scare so easily.

Mechwarrior300 responds:

i had a bowl of nails for breakfast


2013-06-29 00:14:04